Dubai is a city with amazing mega structures which leaves everyone in admiration. A more unique experience is to watch beautiful city of Dubai from the sky. There are different packages available in accordance to your need. That includes 15 minutes, 20 minutes or 1 hour of flying time. First the well trained staff gives you the safety briefing. Once you get through the safety intro the helicopter ride starts from the magnificent Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago shaped into a spreading palm tree. Followed by the world’s tallest building Burj Al Arab and the 7 star Burj Khalifa. You get a wonderful view of the majestic blue sea meeting the serene white beaches and many more attractions to be covered. So get your camera ready to capture some of the most breath-taking aerial view.


One of the most thrilling, adrenaline pumping experience of skydiving can be found in Dubai’s spectacular free drop zone. The zone provides the most breathtaking views in the world making it worth every penny! They skydiving takes place at two stations, one at Palm Jumeirah and other in the desert of UAE. A well experienced professional will be there throughout the process to ensure a stress free skydiving adventure along with a cameraman to capture your precious fun moments. A free fall from a height of 4000m as you pierce the sky for a minute before the chutes to your parachute are pulled giving you almost 5 minute of serene descend as you glide through the sky towards the landing turf.


If you are visiting Dubai, you cannot miss out on the desert safari. Desert safari is one of the most exciting and thrilling adventures you can experience. The safari starts out in the desert where you go through the high and low of sand dunes in a powerful four wheelers. Some of the drops are well over 40m. Sand boarding down the dune, riding an ATV bike, camel ride, henna tattoo, free drinks, free Shisha and a lavish BBQ are all features of desert safari followed by a dazzling performance by belly dancers! The duration of the tour is around 4-5 hours, if it doesn’t include the night stay. There are many packages available in accordance to your need


The traditional sailing vessel of Arabic Dhow with the little wave of magic gets converted into a beautiful romantic cruise with hundreds of dazzling lights. Cruising on the smooth Dubai creek under the full moon light is the famous dhow cruise which fits into the definition of perfect romantic moment. You can prefer an open air seat in the upper deck or the lower air conditioned hall to enjoy your buffet dinner with loved ones. The night is made more enchanted by the performance of ‘Tanura’ a Turkish dance which leaves you mesmerized in this unique night experience. The timing of the Dhow Cruise is from 8 to 11 pm.


If you have a very short stay but want to enjoy Dubai city to its fullest, City tour is the best possible way to cover many attractions in a limited time. The tour can be from 5 hours and onwards depending on the package you purchase. In a 5-hour package you cover most of the attractions that make Dubai magnificent including skyscrapers, beaches, mosques and king’s palace, giving you plenty of time to capture the moments on camera. The 48-hour tour offers free hop on hop off service and 2-3 attraction passes complimentary amongst the listed and much more.


Breaking all the world records is the giant metal hulking “Burj Khalifa”. It is about 829 meters tall. At the height of 555 meters is the observation deck named ‘At the Top’, located at 124th floor with an eagle eyed amazing view. Installed electronic telescopes on the deck let you absorb the mesmerizing surroundings beneath and beyond the Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa holds the record of having bars and restaurants at the highest altitude. Not far from Burj Khalifa is one of its other projects, world’s largest mall the Dubai Mall. Here you can find all kinds of fashion labels, restaurants and entertainment attractions and the famous Dubai Fountain too.


Wild Wadi Water Park is an outdoor water park located near the Jumeirah beach, across the Burj Al Arab. There are over 30 rides and attractions providing fun for all age groups. Four of the thrill rides are exclusively found in Wild Wadi Park only which makes it a highlighted venue for the tourists. It has one of the largest wave pools of Middle East where artificially generated surfing waves are made for ultimate experience of the surfers and novice who are keen on learning surfing. After an exhausting fun filled day you can always grab lunch at one of the many restaurants in the park. The entrance to the park is complimentary for guests staying at Burj Al Arab.


Aqua venture and Lost Chamber at the ‘Atlantis, The Palm’ is one of the world’s best resorts and water park in the Middle East. Spend time at the Aqua venture water park with many slides, pools and Rides or taking a relaxing walk on the calm beach. Visit the aquarium to see the unique fish collection, feed the sting rays or get up close with the shark safari. You can take photos and play with the Dolphins and Sea Lions or take a scuba dive in the aquariums. The Atlantis also has the best restaurants on the premises to meet your personal preferences and you can enjoy the day and enjoy the nightlife or the beach parties. There are over 20 aquatic exhibits with touch tanks so you can enjoy a close encounter with marine life.


If you prefer a more peaceful and serene environment to get away, Musandam Dibba is the best place. It is located at the beautiful coast of Oman. Here you won’t need a visa. The most fantastic part is the drive till Musandam where you can enjoy the beautiful scenic view of mountains along with the vast Indian Ocean. The cruise last for almost 5 hours. Here you can enjoy water sports, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, cave tour along with the open buffet lunch and great hospitality of the locals too! You occasionally spot Dolphins too. You can even stay for a night with free food, henna tattoo and entertaining belly dancers too.


One of the largest and most mesmerizing Aquarium in the world is the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo located in the ground level of Dubai Mall. On your trek down the tunnel you’ll encounter 140 different aquatic species. You can also enjoy a glass bottom boat tour, or a cage for snorkeling to get an up close look at marine life. If you are a daredevil perhaps a shark dive or shark walk is the perfect adventure to get up close with the ultimate predator. It is a unique experience to watch the extreme diversity of the aqua life.