One of the largest airlines of the UAE, the Emirates Airline is a Government owned. Emirates Airline is the third largest airline in passenger traffic flow and the seventh largest airline in accordance to revenue generation. Starting with two leased aircrafts, Emirates air fleet now consists of a whooping total of over 230 airships not only making it world’s largest fleet but the largest operator of A380 airliners. Terminal 3 is an exclusive terminal built for Emirates Airline only.


One of the economical options is the low budget Fly Dubai airline. Another Government based airline operating from Terminal 2. With a total fleet of 50 airplanes, Fly Dubai travels to 94 destinations. The concept of Fly Dubai is to introduce new routes which are not yet discovered, an economical flight commodity for travelers and flights to low cost travelling destinations.


Another low fare airline is Air Arabia with is its main hub in Sharjah. It has a fleet size of 44 aircraft ans services 115 destinations. Its subsidiaries or joint ventures are in Morocco, Nepal, Egypt and Jordan. What distinguishes Air Arabia from other low budget airlines is that they offer connecting flights from their base at Sharjah Air base. Voted 2012’s ‘Best Low-Cost Airline’ according to travelers awards.


Etihad is the second largest airline of UAE based in Abu Dhabi. Its fleet is up to 119 aircraft and reaches 90 destinations. Not only does Etihad offer regular passenger traffic along with cargo but also exclusive Etihad holiday airline services too. Etihad is well known for its association and sponsorship with different mega sport events across the world. Due to its luxurious services it has received over 30 awards since its inauguration in year 2013.